WORLD-PREMIERE of our new movie UNIQUE8!

09.17.2012 · Posted in Travel

short flashback about the last weekend! we had our world premiere in innsbruck/austria of our new movie UNIQUE8!

thursday: ludschi our art director was organizing a pirate art show -where they showed some art from the isolation camp from 2012! already thursday night was busy with people. we had around 300 visitors at the show!

friday: world premiere of unique 8, big up to jocki for organizing this event! it was the first time that we showed our movie in a cinema theater! jocki had to book three cinemas to get every body stoked! he said to me 850 people watched the movie!  after the cinema premiere we had two parties going on in two different locations!
saturday: second stop dornbirn/vorarlberg- home premiere! the bar or night club was totally booked out! the crowed was unbelievable- party till 6 in the morning!
it was a banging weekend!
we have a few more stops around the world, if you have time- check one premiere out!

Training/ Contest weekend- Mountain-trial Bormio!

09.03.2012 · Posted in Travel
mountain trial bormio:
two and a half days mountain trial biking in bormio/ italy!
amazing training’s trip with my local friends ( leo, knickl, pingi, potzi)!
it was a crazy trip:  two and a half days trail biking from around 8am till 7pm, around 14 hours on the bike, around 20 liter’s of gas, between 10 000-15000 altitude differences over the 2,5 days,! each of us had to carry 2liters of extra gas! without the extra gas it wouldn’t be possible to race the whole day and get not stuck somewhere on the mountain! crazy experience- thx boys for the good moments!

Unique 8 teaser & infos!

08.28.2012 · Posted in Travel

Pirate Movie Production is back with their new 2012 snowboard film release, UNIQUE 8.

The title refers to the innovative riding of a selected crew of only 8 riders: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Arthur Longo, Nicolas Müller, Kalle Ohlson, Teo Konttinen, Chris Sörman and Werni Stock. You decide if less is more!

PMP also switched from their beloved 16mm format to RED high definition digital cameras, but stayed true to their analog approach of titling.

The UNIQUE 8 premiere tour will kick off in Innsbruck on September 14th and will gather snowboard enthusiasts worldwide to party and get hyped on the upcoming season. You can find all the tour dates on

UNIQUE 8 will be available as DVD, which includes a 100-page art and photo book packed with incredible still images by Carlos Blanchard (ESP), Matt Georges (FRA), Tobias Ludescher (AUT), Jerome Tanon (FRA), Cole Barash (USA) and Rip Zinger (JAP) that were captured during last season’s Pirate adventures. The DVD/booklet also features high-class art, which was produced during isolationCamp 2012, a creative-minded gathering that unites various artistic friends from all over Europe.