Unique 8- new pirate snowboard movie!

07.04.2012 · Posted in Travel


After a few weeks of hard work in our cave we are proud to announce the name and logo for our upcoming snowboard movie!


You can expect the best pirate action movie so far…stay tuned for the teaser and the complete rider list. Until than we’ll feed you with #PirateFlashbacks via facebook and instagram.

Atlantic SOCCER cup!

06.22.2012 · Posted in Travel

hi guys!

two weeks ago austria got invited to biarritz to play the atlantic cup (soccer tournament)!
the team: hasi, björn, lupo, christoph, sani, ludsch, lars and i!we had lots of fun but our bodies are not made to play ones in a while- thats why i couldn’t play on the second day but i was back on the third day!
thx to florent de maria for this amazing time!
check out the photos- photos telling more then words!

cascade concrete!

04.08.2012 · Posted in Travel

finally i am back home in montafon! i thought i am coming home to shred some slush snow but it started snowing and today i had some sick pow turns- so much fun ( pow in april)- and its still snowing!

about my trip:i stayed 1 month in backer with werni, chris and justin! we had a great and productive time! the only thing what sucked a bid, was the weather! it was raining, snowing almost everyday- you know what that means- wet as fuck every day- i don’t thing there is any material who is resistant against that wet weather( maybe rubber clothing’s) the locals call it cascade concrete! as i said we had some really nice days up on the mountain! not to forget, on the way back home i visit the ride office in seattle! thx matt for driving me around!

stay tuned & ride on!



03.26.2012 · Posted in Travel

us is on! four storms are rolling in, another reset baby! the best season end ever! stay tuned!

big up to the crew- werni, chris& justin- thx for this great times!

mt backer!

03.12.2012 · Posted in Travel

the boys arrived in backer! the crew: werni stock, chris sörman and i & filming dog justin! i only can tell you one thing, today the mountain is closed  because of the amount of snow from the last days! booooooom!

Zillertal 2

02.02.2012 · Posted in Travel


short update about my season!

before ispo i stayed a few days in zillertal- the crew was local guy werni stock!  justin, flo and mau as our filmers! photodog carlos! we got lucky with the conditions- some fresh snow- some nice spots!  great times in zillertal!  thx to werni!

check the photos out- photos telling more then words! thx for the photos -justin!

after that trip i was at ispo for one day-  i had a few talks to my sponsor’s, itw’s..!

the last days we were not lazy! our crew was on the route again- this time we shot some stuff around vorarlberg ( montafon- thx to montafon tourism for sponsoring us the tickets)!

we got some really cool stuff out of the last days but now i need some days of to get my body again in a good shape!

upcoming plans: i stay in europe till middle and of feb. and then i am traveling to us, canada for one month! i will be back in april!

stay tuned for some more updates!

all the best